the handbook

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Let's begin at the basics, shall we? Get up to date on all the happenings of Delphi and beyond. The systems and rules of the site are located here as well. Please read all the threads here before anything else.

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Information about the setting, covens, non-playable characters can be found here.

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character development

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Ready to go? This is the one-stop spot for creating your character. Remember, you need to have your character accepted before you can post anywhere else.

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interaction hub
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Interact with other characters and members here. Find others' plotters, create your own plotter, and track your progress in the appropriate subboards. You can also use the boards here to develop your characters on your own using moodboards, journals or your own writing prompts.

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gearing up

missions & quests
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Take on new missions, and heed to the call of your coven! This is where you'll find new missions and the quest board. Use this space to report back after completing your missions, and view retired missions.

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the bazaar
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Here, you can find a place to stash your wares as well as sell or buy them. The bazaar is also home to your character inventories. Without an inventory, you will not be allowed to use magic in-character.

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western delphi | "old delphi"

the docks
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Half sandy beach and half modern trade harbor, the west end of Delphi attracts tourists and natives alike. The docks are were the ships and their never ending cargo containers load and unload themselves, where journeys into the West Salem sea begin...

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world's end beach
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Affectionately named after an age-old fear one day an apocalyptic tsunami would emerge from its (rather deep) waters, World's End Beach is now a tourist attraction. It's home to many beautiful caves and hidden lagoons.

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the canals
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Winding alleyways that turn to homes, to cul de sacs, to shrines. Old cobblestone walkways that still bear the markings of the great war. And the canals that hold Old Delphi together, and the boats that run under and through the bridges. This is the heart of the west side, the one that's often romanticized, the one whose nooks and crannies are only known to those with silver rings and the historic right to call it home.

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northern delphi

cerulean district
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The Cerulean district has the charm of a loveable, mostly low-rise neighbourhood: expect local shops, beloved restaurants and cafes, and a great place to settle down overall. The area spans many parks, lakes, and northern stretches of beach. Walkable, friendly, and under the general protection of arguably the least problematic coven. And to the west are the ever-reassuring Vulcan mountains and the strong presence of Cerberus.

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vulcan highlands
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The northern and northeastern tips of Delphi are dominated by the hills and mountains known collectively as the Vulcan Highlands. Home to the mansions of the elite, to ski resorts, and to dangerous cliffsides and sweeping valleys, where daemons prowl, the Highlands are an ecosystem of their own. Beyond the long and deadly mountain rage lies the Myca Desert.

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central delphi | "delphi city"

downtown delphi
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This is what even gods must surely envy: the heart of Delphi! Filled with highrise buildings, penthouses, and malls, this thriving downtown area has quite simply everything you could want. It is heaven on earth for those who are fortunate enough to call it home.

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The slums, or, as affectionately known, "Tartarus." This inner-city area is a place where those on the margins of society have made their homes. Those who are able to avoid it will often choose to avoid crossing into Tartarus...but in spite of the crime, the mafias, and looming Sybarite influence, the area is home to a thriving nightlife and a community that cares deeply for its own.

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oracle university
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Also called the Oracle University of Magical Science, OUMS is the reason that Delphi stands ahead of many other places in salem. It's a cornerstone of magical research that produces both new inventions and brilliant theorists. Known espeically for its geology and magic-oriented departments, OUMS a public institution funded generously by the City Council, and one of the only ways witches can learn magic beyond their covens' guidance. Its maroon banners tend to adorn the city's various buildings, and its huge crowd of students both annoy and delight the locals. Many buildings are co-owned by Cerberus's Cipher Corps, as collaborations between OUMS and Cerberus researchers are frequent and widely sought-after.

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southern delphi

residential areas
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Delphi isn't all city everywhere, though it pretends to be. A large residential area exists on the south side of the city, where many live in relative peace, or choose build their vacation homes away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The residential zone is not too far from the Downtown area, either, and maintains a generous separation from the industrial zones further south.

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industrial zone
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Far from the residential area and poorly connected to the tram system, the Industrial Zone is where all of Delphi's goods are manufactured. The omnipresent Jaeger Corp banners are a little unsettling, but the area does have some charm to it. Expect cheaper, lower-end housing, lots of warehouses, and great wholesale stores.

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The outskirts of Delphi is made up of uneven ground where there are forests and strange caves, some connecting as far east as the beach. Daemons don't typically appear here, and when they do they are often quickly subdued by Cerberus or Sybarite mercenaries. There are a surprising number of homes and dormitories for blue-collar workers here. Many temporary watch towers and walls exist, and the landscape here changes day to day with the ravenous hunger of the city for new land for its growing industries.

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windswept ravine
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Towards the southeast of Delphi is the Windswept Ravine: a large gorge at the bottom of which is the slow-moving river, Stix. On the inside of the canyon, carved into the cliffside, is a local marketplace. Many nomadic witch tribes live along the ravine. It's also common for those on the run from the law to hideout along the cliffside, ducking from one shelter to the next.

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the cad
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Also known as "carry-and-deliver" or "caduceus," the Cad is a mana-based metro system that operates throughout Salem. It comprises several different stations and a highspeed floating train that goes through a system of portals in and out of the mana realm.

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the vale
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The vale is a large and bustling metropolitan center with a huge boundary and even bigger walls. Located on the southernmost peninsula of salem, it covers the largest area of the four main cities and has only recently transitioned from a monarchy to a democratic style of governance.

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eclipse town
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Located all along moonlight, a southern tributary of river Stix, are small towns and villages. Among them, Eclipse Town has been steadily growing into a major urban center. The people of eclipse are generally reclusive, however, and thrive in their self-sufficiency.

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myca desert
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Pronounced my - ka, this desert cityscape lies just beyond the Vulcan highlands to the northeast of Delphi. The desert and its cultures, villages, and smaller settlements are under the jurisdiction of Myca City, an urban center within. The people of Myca are often typed as proud, and community oriented.

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Brace yourself before exiting the safe confines of the city you grew up in, dear traveler. Sometimes the bite is worse than the bark--and everyone knows this is always true when it comes to daemons and the wild.

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et cetera

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For all things out-of-character. Come here to discuss the site, suggest new mechanisms, or post your hellos and goodbyes.

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For stories that once were or had been-- for characters and the legacies that they left behind. All words and worlds must come to a rest.

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This is for linking back, affiliating, and anything else relating to advertising and Moonrise's relations with other sites. Do not post more than once per page, do not advertise anywhere else on the site, and only link to PB and JCINK sites.

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